The Program

Join a fun group of painters for a guided painting experience! 
Here’s what you can expect:

  • Together with up to 16 people, you’ll be guided by an accomplished artist in the creation of your personal masterpiece. 

  • Check-in is simple. If you haven’t paid on-line, you can pay on the spot (cash, check or CC).

  • You can also purchase wine, beer or a non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy while painting.  

  • Put on your apron and find a seat (first come, first serve). 

  • It is important to us that you have a good painting experience, and we provide paints, sturdy adjustable easels, canvas, coated paper palettes for color mixing, water caddy, brushes, etc. 

  • While there is a suggested motif for the painting, the group gets to approve it, or pick another others available (see the motif gallery). 

  • The artist will give an introductory chat with insights about the painting and technique.

  • The actual painting demo starts, and you’ll follow along step by step. The artist will come by to see how you’re doing. 

  • Painting typically progresses from background and lighter colors, to the main features and stronger color. 

  • Have fun painting! 

  • After about two hours, we’ll wrap up and take a group picture. 

  • Don’t worry about cleaning up - we’ve got you covered. 

That’s it! (unless you want to discuss the philosophy of art with Roy) 


Through the professional guidance, Roy's Sip ‘n Paint provides:

  • Focus on understanding - we don't just tell you what to do, we help you understand why. For example, the effects of color temperature, atmospheric perspective, qualities of line, composition, layering, etc. All this in a fun environment. 

  • Focus on expression – your painting will be unique. We want to provide the structure and pace for you to be successful in completing the painting. At the same time, you should make it an expression of your unique vision. 

  • Learn to perceive - A benefit is not just walking out with your own painting. It is also walking out and perceiving the world around you more acutely. Over time, your awareness of color, contrast, perspective and perception of beauty will improve. You'll find joy in not just looking but more importantly, perceiving. 

Sip 'n  Paint

Langley, WA